Why should I prepare for the ACT Test with On Track Test Prep?

Everyone has heard the saying practice makes perfect. Well as far as the ACT Test is concerned this is definitely the case. The more times you can prepare or practice for anything, the better you will become. Would a person show up unprepared for a job interview and expect to get the job? Well the ACT is no different. You have to practice for the test to do your best. What school will I go to? How much scholarship can I receive? Will the college of my choice accept me? These are all valid questions that parents and students will be asking themselves. Well the answer is just one test prep away. On Track Prep is your answer to all these questions.

When is the best time to take the ACT test?
  • Freshman and Sophomores should take the test if they have completed geometry which is a vital math component.
  • Juniors should take the prep classes and test as many times as possible for ACT keeps your highest score on file. Also, this helps students improve testing skills and become a better overall student.
  • Seniors usually take the test until April because TOPS will award their scholarships in June for the fall semester.
  • Seniors attending out of state schools deadlines could be sooner depending on when acceptance letters and scholarships are awarded. Each university is different.
What do I need to bring to On Track Test Prep classes?

The only thing needed for prep classes is a calculator for the math prep. On Track will provide all other materials needed for a successful test prep experience.

What does a student need on the actual ACT/SAT test day?
  • Printed out registration form
  • A form of Identification
  • Calculator
  • Pencils
  • Comfortable layered clothing for weekend classroom temperatures can vary
  • Snacks and a drink for their breaks

Did you know that 95% percent of the students who take On Track Preps course score better on the very next test? Did you also know On Track Prep has a 4.1 point average increase on all students that have taken the course? On Track is also very proud to announce an unbelievable 12 point increase in one of our students to enable her a full scholarship. By raising your score only 3 points in most cases will almost guarantee you more scholarship/money from most state funded tuition programs.

Well if that is not enough to make most parents and students very excited, then let me give just one more. On Track Prep’s record speaks for itself, but other exciting news is our course is only $275 and this includes all practice test and materials. Our competitors are much higher, so with On Track Prep you defininitely get what you pay for! Let us give your student the thing you want to give most, a CHOICE to go to whatever college they desire. On Track Test Prep is helping students get On Track…one test at a time.

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