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“I was so excited to see that my Reading score increased from a 19 to a 30. OTP also increased my scholarship opportunities."

-Sarah Pierson
(Parkview Baptist High, Baton Rouge)

“I didn't know if a prep class could really help my daughter, but On Track Prep met and exceeded all my expectations and more. My daughter made a 31 and I couldn't be happier."

- Jackie Pugh
(Byrd High Parent)

"I signed up for the Premium package with On Track Prep and raised my score from a 32 to a 36. My parents were so proud of me and to tell you the truth, I was proud of myself."

-Bianca L.
(University of Florida)

"Doing the sessions with OnTrack Prep two weekends before taking the test prepared me well enough to pull my score up tremendously and get an athletic and academic scholarship."

-Jermauria Rasco
 (LSU Football Player)

"I feel like I would not be at Vanderbilt today if it were not for OnTrack Prep.”

-Connor Castellano
(Vanderbilt Baseball Player)

“This class is very useful if you use it in the correct way. You have to study the strategies and notes given. I would recommend this class to students interested in doing well!”

-Aaliyah Cummings
(High School Junior)

“This class was my key to getting the TOPS Performance Award and I would recommend it to anyone serious about college and needing that extra boost!”
- Aaron Hunter
(Centenary Full Scholarship)

“I would not be in the college of my choice today if it were not for taking the ACT prep class with On Track Prep."

- Megan H.
(Northwestern University)